My Spooky Old Gray Haired Daddy


This is my Pop,,,
There's snow on the roof but he still has a strong fire in the furnace.

No way he'd actually fire it up though,,,
Way back when I was 14 and he wasn't quite as old as dirt
he tried riding my little 80cc Suzuki,,,
it was all legs in the air and screaming 'till he got it stopped
He's a lot of things, but a biker ain't one of em.

Pop is a retired cabinet maker and trim carpenter.
He keeps busy in his retirement years by creating
"One of a Kind"
furniture and objects of art out of driftwood and willow.

Visit his website at

Most of all though, he's just my Dad,,,
and I love him dearly for being just that.




Copyright 2009 - Aarond H. Graham
Instructional Support Specialist
Oklahoma State University - College of Education