My Brother and Me


I was skinny back in 1981

It was in the middle of my Southern Rock phase

Fortunately we both outgrew that.

Gregg is all grown up now and is enjoying a very successful life as a musician and educator.

Hear some tracks from his latest CD at


This is me and my brother Gregg.

I affectionately call him
Stevie Ray Gregg

That Stratocaster he is playing is a 1979 Fender Custom Shop model.

Gregg was a damn good guitarist even though he was completely self taught.
One time he auditioned for a serious money-making band that needed a second lead.
He outplayed all the other guitarists but didn't get chosen because all he had was this
crappy old Ovation guitar and a really poor sounding Silvertone amp.

Man was he despondent.

I saw my opportunity.

I had tons of money back then and told Gregg that if he went to the community college that was just 3 miles from our house, took 12 units (2 music classes and two general ed classes), and could show me a B average,
I would buy him any guitar he wanted.

3 months later he showed me a transcript with an A in:
Music Theory, Beginning Keyboard, English Something, and Math Something.
Damned if he didn't get a 4.0 average.

It cost me around $1,800 bucks for that Stratocaster and a 100 watt Marshall stack.
But,,, it was well worth it.

Four years later he had a B.A. and teaching credentials in music,,,
Three years after that he had a
M.A. in Classical Guitar from Oklahoma City University.

Best danged money I ever spent in my life!

I'm dang proud to be his brother,,, Damn proud!




Copyright 2009 - Aarond H. Graham
Instructional Support Specialist
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